Thank you for all you have done for Markie. She is really doing well, we are all back to normal in our routines and its great. As I said before, once I met you I could leave Markie in your care and not worry.

Thank you for all you have done for us,

Art and I can’t thank you enough for taking such exceptional care of our Abby. You are loving and highly professional. I would recommend The Cat Company to anyone I know who needs special care for their cat.

Thanks again – Sincerely
Cheryl & Art

Thank you for caring for Marmalade. I know you did everything to make his stay comfortable. I appreciated hearing from you every day on his progress. Now that he is home he is pretty much back to his normal self. You will be happy to know he is eating 3 cans of Fancy Feast a day. I think he just got over entertained with gerbils at the hospital. Marmalade and Jazze (the dog), are up to their old antics. So things seem pretty normal except Marmalade really wants on my bed, that’s her comfort zone.

Thank you again for everything you have been wonderful.


Excellent news!! Squirts’ thyroid levels tested much better at her 30-day check up! Again, thank you for looking out for her during her stay with you, she is such a special cat!


I want to thank you both for being so kind to Sammie and taking such good care of him. He’s doing pretty good. Kelly, the first day he was home, when I turned on the TV he went over and sat in front of it for a few minutes then decided, hey aint no birds or gerbils on here so why bother. I have told everyone how great you are. Again thank you so very much for taking such good care of my baby boy.

God bless you,

Thanks again for taking such good care of Angel. She seems to be doing fine. She’s gained some weight and is playing and watching the birds, chipmunks, squirrel, etc… She’s happy to be petted and held again, and is sleeping with me like before. She’ll probably never understand for sure what happened, but she knows we love her.

God bless you for helping so many kitties,

Many, many thanks for your loving care and knowledge. Markie is doing wonderful. She sends her love to both of you.


Care and Treatment of Feline Hyperthyroidism

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The Cat Company has been treating hyperthyroid cats using radioactive iodine for more than fifteen years. Throughout these years of experience, we have learned what cats and their loving owners truly need when treating this disease. We look forward to serving you and your beloved cat.

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